Maximize potential of your data

with powerful business dashboards

We provide you with the business insight to identify new opportunities and stay ahead of of competition

Tableau Consultants

Analytic methods allows decision makers to rely on accurate, up-to-date and dependable information. SQIAR integrates and analyse your data to provide innovative, cost effective and consolidated business intelligence solutions powered by rich data visualizations.

We Tableau, you?

“Affordable Business Intelligence Solutions for Everyone”

Tableau Development

We provide tableau development services to a range of businesses. Within days of working with SQIAR, our customers have been able to create impressive and meaningful reporting dashboards.


Tableau Server Management

Get the best out from your Tableau server. Our experts help you manage complexities of administration and optimization so that the analytics will be delivered to you securely everytime.


Data Development

Deploy our deep expertise in managing structured and non-structured data. We help you source data from a number of sources and present it through the most meaningful reports.


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