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Complete Business Analytics

Analytic methods allows decision makers to rely on accurate, up-to-date and dependable information. This results in the ability to create better business decisions and action plans that allow objectives to be achieved efficiently and effectively. SQIAR securely integrates and analyses your data to provide innovative, cost effective and consolidated Business Intelligence Solutions.

SQIAR is a leading global consultancy which provides innovative business intelligence services to small and medium size (SMEs) businesses across USA, United Kingdom & Europe. Our agile approach provides organizations with breakthrough insights and powerful data visualizations to rapidly analyse multiple aspects of their business in perspectives that matter most. Our consultants are experts in creating stunning Tableau. However your data is stored, SQIAR provides you with sharp beautiful dashboards as well as training on generating complex reports.

Tableau Software Consultants

We provide comprehensive consultancy in Tableau Software deployment, development and user training. Within days of working with SQIAR, our customers have been able to create impressive and meaningful reporting dashboards and see their business in a variety of new perspectives.

Microsoft Business Intelligence

SQIAR understands your data like no other. We help you to collect your data from various sources, clean it and make it BI ready. We then incorporate complex business logic into this data and finally help with building powerful dashboards in sql server reporting services.

Custom Software Development

At times, our customers would want to develop bespoke software which gives them total control over their business intelligence requirements and flexibility to their business users. SQIAR provides development services for various platforms in the most cost effective way.

Hosted Tableau Server

Cut down cost of BI with our hosted Tableau Servers. Enjoy complete set of features at affordable monthly price. SQIAR offers a range of hosted tableau server packages; customized around client requirements.

Hosted SQL Reporting Server

A brand new look with powerful features of SQL Server reporting in the cloud.

SQIAR Reporting Server

Integrate our custom reporting server into your website, backed by the power of SQL Server, Tableau and D3JS